About Us

Just Because Yukon & Yukon Tartan

Jackie Balsam

As a lifelong Yukoner I am drawn to the magical beauty that surrounds us. Fortunately, my hobby became something I could share with others, using a spectacular array of fabrics that showcase the Yukon’s beauty, and being able to find fabrics that match the allure of the North. I love having the opportunity to explore my love of colour and fabrics to create new and exciting projects. Sewing is relaxing and keeps me creative and active, always introducing new designs and fabrics along with classic favourites. Being able to carry a northern theme through much of my work allows me to share with the world all that I find so appealing about The Yukon.

I have now been given the opportunity to represent the Yukon Tartan and carry on the legacy that Lois, Janet and Diane began.  I am excited to incorporate the Yukon Tartan into my array of northern themed creations.

Lois Gillis

During Lois’ search to learn about Yukon Tartan she met many creative Yukoners, including Janet Couture and Diane Parenti.  Janet is to be commended, not only for designing the fabric, but for the nearly twenty years she spent persisting to have it registered as a tartan in Scotland and adopted by the Yukon Legislature.  It took nearly another twenty years (Jan, 2014) before Janet and Diane finally met.  Diane had used her weaving skills to produce the sample that was finally accepted by Her Majesty’s Registrar in Edinburgh Scotland.